ADELI Medical Center

is an international rehabilitation facility that has been operating in Piešt’any since 2004. It provides an intensive and individual treatment program that is particularly well suited to neurological movement disorders (cerebral palsy in children and adults, brain and head injuries, strokes). Adeli Therapy is truly unique – it is based on exercise in a specially adapted suit, which has its basis in cosmic medicine. In combination with new knowledge about the human central nervous system it greatly enhances the therapeutic effect of neurophysiological exercises on the damaged central nervous system. To achieve the best possible rehabilitation result, each patient is worked with by his/her individual group, consisting of 5 to 6 therapists. The treatment lasts 5-6 hours a day and consists of different therapies that contribute to the overall effectiveness. Rehabilitation in the Adeli suit is complemented by other therapies such as mud wraps, oxygen therapy, manual therapy, cryotherapy, speech therapy, therapeutic and reflex massage, laser acupuncture, which enhance the effect of the exercises.


is designed for children from 2-3 years and adults with neurological movement disorders. The aim is to promote walking ability, improve gross and fine motor skills, speech and cognitive abilities and self-care. For adult patients, the goal is to increase quality of life and independence. The aim is also to achieve independence from family members and, ideally, reintegration into working life.

After an initial neurological examination and subsequent consultation by a team of doctors and therapists, a treatment program is drawn up. At the ADELI Rehabilitation Center, it is designed as intensive therapy in the form of rehabilitation courses with a duration of 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Rehabilitation takes place 6 days a week for an average of 5 hours a day. The treatment includes fixed, variable and additional therapy components, which are ordered according to the medical history and subsequent recommendations of the physician. The therapy team is led by a neurologist who supervises the patients and corrects the work of the physiotherapists.


ADELI Medical Center is one of the few rehabilitation centers dedicated to the early rehabilitation of at-risk children aged 0-2 years in the ADELI BabyMedprogram. The program is designed for children whose mothers had problems during pregnancy or childbirth, or those children who show deviations or delays from normal development after birth. Through early rehabilitation, many disabilities can be completely eliminated or at least reduced, bringing the child as close as possible to the normal development of his or her healthy peers.

Around 1000 patients from all over the world are rehabilitated annually at Adeli Medical Center. Thanks to the intensity, individual approach and dedication of the staff, positive results are achieved even in cases where other therapies show no improvement.


Speech therapy forms an integral part of neurorehabilitation treatment at ADELI Medical Center. Expert speech therapy care is provided by a team of specialists in clinical speech therapy. Their work includes speech therapy, diagnosis, therapy and counselling. This service is also provided in the newly opened external speech therapy center Logopea.

The main focus of speech therapy is to overcome or reduce communication barriers resulting from impaired communication skills. Our aim is to enable and facilitate our clients to lead as active life as possible.

We work with various forms and degrees of neurological disability, with children from early childhood, adults and clients into late old age. However, speech is not the only goal of our speech therapy care.


In 2011, the OXYMED Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center was established at ADELI Medical Center. The 12-seat hyperbaric chamber, which the center is equipped with, is the most modern hyperbaric chamber in Slovakia.

In the hyperbaric chamber, 100% medically pure oxygen is inhaled under conditions of increased pressure. The entire process is carried out under the supervision of a doctor, paramedical staff and university-educated and specially trained technicians. The therapy is safe and enjoyable. The patient sits inside the hyperbaric chamber for about an hour and a half, inhaling oxygen through a mask while listening to music, watching a movie or reading a book.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy greatly enhances the effects of neurophysiological exercise, making the therapy at ADELI even more intensive and effective.