We have created the Foundation Club, in particular, to facilitate and speed up access to information that helps in obtaining financial assistance for neurorehabilitation. What are the benefits of members?


The Foundation will issue a donor agreement

Any foreign donor can provide a donation to a patient on a transparent donor account of the ADELI Foundation. The donation can come from individual donors, companies, public collections, charity events, and so on.

Donations made within the EU are deductable from tax according to local tax regulation.
Apart from the donation agreement, the Foundation will  issue further documentation such as confirmation of receipt and use of the donation in the form that foreign donors will require.


We can publish your story on the Foundation website

Your story can be published on the ADELI Foundation website. The page is visited by many potential sponsors and donors. It can happen that your story will drive interest and you may get additional funding for your rehabiitation. The Foundation may also issue a guarantee list to a foreign entity before the public collection or other charity event or activity is planned to obtain funds for the treatment of the patient.

2% Tax Assignation

You can  collect 2% income tax through the tax payer in Slovakia

The Slovak Tax Act allows all taxpayers in a given year to assign 2% of the tax paid to a non-profit organization which they themselves determine. The non-profit organisation must be registered as 2% asignee of the tax paid. Foundation ADELI posses this registration.

If you have the opportunity to reach companies or friends who are tax payers in Slovakia, the ADELI Foundation can accept these funds and transfer them to your treatment.

The annual membership fee of 10, – EUR is payable after registration, every next year the fee is always payable by the end of January.
Account number is listed directly upon sign-up.
If you decide to become a member of the ADELI Foundation Club, please register.