The ADELI Foundation was established in October 2014 to help children and adults with neurological movement disorders raise funds for treatment at ADELI Medical Center.

Our priority is to improve the quality of life of this group of disabled people, to improve their motor, mental and speech skills, to encourage them to be more independent and to integrate them as much as possible into normal life.

In the 7 years of its existence, the ADELI Foundation has financially supported more than 1,050 patients who have been given a chance for a better and higher quality of life.

We do our best to make our projects a success and help as many disabled people, their families and the loved ones who care for them as possible.

A special thank you to all the donors who have supported us, whether with a one-off donation or regular donations. With each of your donations, you not only bring help to patients and their families, but above all, you give hope and confidence in their better future.

Thank you on behalf of the entire ADELI Foundation team

Executive Director and Trustee of the ADELI Foundation