ADELI Foundation – Your path to quality neurorehabilitation


The ADELI Foundation helps to transparently raise funds for the treatment of children and adults with neurological disabilities at ADELI’s world-unique center, giving them hope for a better and higher quality of life.

Each of us, when we are ill, wishes for the highest quality treatment. However, the treatment required for neurological diagnoses is not covered by health insurance in Slovakia. That is why the ADELI Foundation is here to help children and adults with neurological diseases (cerebral palsy, conditions after stroke, trauma and accidents, genetic diseases) to obtain funding for cutting-edge, intensive and individual neurorehabilitation at the ADELI Medical Center in Piešt’any. All funds raised are used to fund neurorehabilitation for specific patients. During the two/three-week treatment stay, patients exercise intensively 6 days a week for 5 hours a day under the supervision of a whole team of specialists (neurologists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, medical staff). Up to 20 types of therapies are available to them under one roof, giving them the opportunity to improve their health and, as a result, lead a better and healthier life. Every step counts…


The vision of the ADELI Foundation is that every child and adult with a neurological condition has access to the highest quality treatment according to their individual needs. So that the patients and their loved ones do not have to deal with a lack of financial resources in addition to their health problems.


Directness of aid

all funds raised are used exclusively for the treatment of a specific patient

Transparency of aid

every patient who becomes a member of the ADELI Foundation Club has an overview of all the funds raised in his/her account


The Foundation provides advice and administrative assistance in fundraising and fund management (creation of communication materials, use of payment instruments, reporting of results to corporate and individual donors, communication with institutions, accounting)

Personal contact and human approach

The Foundation’s team is fully available to meet the individual needs of child and adult patients


The professional team of the Foundation and medical experts from ADELI Medical Center are available to clients under one roof


Transparent financing

For donors and sponsors, we prepare detailed documentation of donated finances – interim and final reports, finances use certifications, bank statements, copies of invoices or donation agreements.

Targeted aid and use of funds

Funds raised through our activities are used for the treatment of children and adults with neurological movement disorders, primarily for rehabilitation stays at ADELI Medical Center, hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Oxymed Center, all complementary therapies and accommodation and food during rehabilitation stays.

Creative and individual approach

We respond quickly to the needs of ADELI Medical Center patients and help in a targeted manner. We create activities, collaborate with celebrities, enjoy the support of the media and are constantly looking for new ways to help. We also support our own activities of our clients who are actively seeking to improve their life situation.