The ADELI Foundation was established in October 2014 to help disabled people with neurological disorders and their families.

Our priority is to improve the quality of life of this group, to improve their physical, mental and speech abilities, to promote their greater autonomy and the best possible integration into normal life.

Our activities deliver a number of projects, activities, meetings, joyful moments, but also deep understanding and empathy after listening to the lively stories of members of the Foundation Club. During past time, we learned a lot and gained a lot of experience. On these grounds, we are determined to build and draw on the future.

We wish and do our best to make our projects successful and to help as many disabled people as possible, their families and those close to their carers.

Special thanks go to all donors who have supported us in past, whether by a one-time or regular contribution. Every donation brings to our patients and their families not only help but also the hope to fight and trust their own future.

Zuzana Nováková, MBA
Chairman and Executive Director

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